Optoelectronic sorting

We achieve the highest degrees of purity and qualities, verifiably unattained so far, by using this innovative technology. This technology allows to exclusively utilise the optical product properties for the separation process. Thereby, we revolutionise the classic sorting services which we, of course, master as well and also use in various combinations.

Sieving technology

The separation of solids according to the grain size criterion is part of the basic techniques that can be deployed in process engineering by means of a grading screen. As a result, minimum two fractions are obtained which differ from each other significantly as to their minimum or maximum grain size.

Wind winnowing

By winnowing solids according to defined criteria, such as particle size, density, inertia and suspension or stratification behaviour of materials, a given product is dedusted perfectly according to customer specifications.


As a service provider, we set standards when demetallising! Namely by high separation sensitivity which causes enthusiasm! The finest non-ferrous and ferrous metals are separated carefully and thoroughly and in several stages. 

In each processing step, our strength lies in separating unwanted elements which are removed not only in a reliable manner but also with a minimum loss of materials.