Some 25 years ago, modern high-performance computers and constant research allowed for the industrial sorting of mixed and contaminated plastics with an edge length of about 10 mm.

Due to the rapid development in computer processor technology and resolution accuracy of cameras, this technology has advanced dramatically. Today, separation of products contaminated on one side only can also be performed by viewing all parts or by sorting tiny contaminations from 0.1 mm in edge length. And this at a sorting performance of up to 2,000 kg per hour, depending on product and level of contamination.

Our strength is a wide range of separation plants that were specially developed for various product-specific sorting tasks. In this way, the very best technology for your tasks is deployed. The combination of our mobility and specially developed additional methods, such as metal detection, wind winnowing, sieving or ionisation, offers a unique variety of options to meet your quality wishes.

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